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Record Types

Here is a table containing the record type codes, the record name, and a short description of the record contents.

0 START_MARKER Start of SAVE file
1 COMMON_VARIABLE Block contains a common block definition
2 VARIABLE Block contains variable data
3 SYSTEM_VARIABLE Block contains system variable data
6 END_MARKER End of SAVE file
10 TIMESTAMP Block contains time stamp information
12 COMPILED Block contains compiled procedure or function
13 IDENTIFICATION Block contains author information
14 VERSION Block contains IDL version information
15 HEAP_HEADER Block contains heap index information
16 HEAP_DATA Block contains heap data
17 PROMOTE64 Flags start of 64-bit record file offsets
19 NOTICE Disclaimer notice

All of these record types, except for VARIABLE, SYSTEM_VARIABLE and HEAP_DATA, are read using the CMSV_RREC low-level procedure.

Craig Markwardt 2011-12-21