UW logo  My reserch focuses in the area of theoretical condensed matter physics. I study transport and non-equilibrium phenomena in quantum many particle systems, as well as the role of disorder and chaos in the quantum limit. My research is related to problems motivated by experimental investigation of mesoscopic and nanoscale electron systems and intended for future development of electronics and quantum information technologies. I received  Ph.D. in 2001 from Cornell University and was most recently a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University.

Postal Address:
Department of  Physics
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1150 University Avenue 
Madison, WI 53706 

Office:  5318 Chamberlin Hall
Phone:  (608) 262-5425
Fax:      (608) 265-2334

URL:      http://home.physics.wisc.edu/~vavilov
Skype: Skype Me™!

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