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Professor Stanislav Boldyrev is a theorist working in the fields of plasma physics, space physics, and astrophysics.
He studies magnetohydrodynamic and kinetic plasma turbulence, plasma waves and instabilities and
their role in the solar wind, interstellar medium, accretion discs, and other systems. His current projects include
the role of magnetic reconnection in turbulence, the structure of space plasma turbulence at very small,
sub-proton-gyroradius scales, magnetic turbulence and magnetic dynamo action in accretion discs,
the role of wave-particle interaction in forming the non-Maxwellian tails in the solar-wind electron distribution function.
Dr. Boldyrev received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1999. Before joining the faculty of the University of Wisconsin,
he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara (now Kavli Institute for
Theoretical Physics) and as a research associate at the University of Chicago.

Postal Address:
Department of  Physics
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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Madison, WI 53706 

                                                                                                                            Office:  3273 Chamberlin Hall
Phone:  (608) 262-2338
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URL:      http://home.physics.wisc.edu/~boldyrev

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