Konstantinos Horaites

Space Scientist


About Me

I'm a physics postdoc at the University of Helsinki, working in the Vlasiator team (PI Prof. Minna Palmroth). I use computer simulations to assess the impact of a large solar storm on satellites and electrical power grids.

Before moving abroad, I did my first postdoc at LASP in Boulder, CO, USA as a member of Laila Andersson's group. There I studied the kinetic physics of electrons in Mars's magnetosheath.

I received my PhD in Physics (2019) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I wrote my thesis, "Theory and Observations of Runaway Electrons in the Solar Wind", under the advisement of Prof. Stanislav Boldyrev.

I got my start at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Lab, where I studied the solar wind as part of Prof. Stuart Bale's group.


Some of my talks and poster presentations are highlighted below.

Solar Wind Halo and the Ambipolar Potential

Hybrid-Vlasov Simulation Validation

Solar Wind Strahl

Magnetopause Oscillations

Martian Magnetosheath Electrons

Solar Wind Kinetic Instabilities

Self-Similar Electron Distributions


Teaching Assistant (University of Helsinki): FYS2016/2017--Electrodynamics, Spring 2024 (course website)

Lecturer (CU-Boulder): Astronomy 2600--Intro to Scientific Programming, Summer 2020 (course website)

Teaching Assistant (UW Madison): Physics 202--Electricity and Magnetism, Fall 2015-Summer 2017


As part of my thesis project I restored the high-resolution data from the Wind satellite's SWE Strahl detector. The data are now archived on CDAWeb, where you can also browse summary GIFs like this.


A memorable and *mostly* accurate conversation about Parker Solar Probe, UFOs, Star Wars, and more (note: some explicit language).


Check out the board game I co-designed, titled "Co-op"! Published through the Gamecrafter, LLC website.



Phone: +358 029 528 8430