Konstantinos Horaites

I'm a Research Scientist (I) at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) in Boulder, CO, as a member of Laila Andersson's group. My current project is on the kinetic physics of electrons in Mars's magnetosheath.

I received my PhD in Physics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in summer 2019. My thesis work was conducted with Prof. Stanislav Boldyrev. A copy of my thesis, titled "Theory and Observations of Runaway Electrons in the Solar Wind", can be downloaded here.


Some posters and talks from past conferences.

Contact Info

Email: kosta.horaites@lasp.colorado.edu
Office: N277 Space Science Building
3665 Discovery Dr, Boulder, CO 80303

Curriculum Vitae

A copy of my CV is available here.


Instructor (CU-Boulder): Astronomy 2600--Intro to Scientific Programming, Summer 2020 (course website)

Teaching Assistant (UW Madison): Physics 202--Electricity and Magnetism, Fall 2015-Summer 2017


A memorable and *mostly* accurate conversation about Parker Solar Probe, UFOs, Star Wars, and more (note: some explicit language).

I recently co-designed a board game titled "Co-op"! The game is about living in a housing cooperative, an experience that has been a huge part of my own life. You can find out more about the game (and if interested, purchase a copy), at the Gamecrafter, LLC website. Inquiries may be directed to: coop.the.game225@gmail.com


I also serve on the board of directors for Boulder Cooperative Food, a collective food purchasing organization in Boulder, CO.


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